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I had a chance to use the new blind covers this weekend. Initially, I was a little concerned about the weight of attaching both my blind material and  grass mats (for extended coverage beyond the frame) but the springs and cover worked perfectly. The blind covers did a great job breaking up the boat and creating shadows that allowed us to stay concealed while the birds circled. Most of the birds never even knew we were there until we would pop the cover open. Some birds were practically trying to land in the boat with us.


The adjustability of the cover’s angle made it much more comfortable than the Gibson frame I had on my old boat since it wasn’t resting on the top of my head and its relatively light weight put less stress on the boat blind frame and didn’t make it sag as much. Thank you very much for your responsiveness to all of my questions and for brainstorming with me to develop a way to install on my boat blind. Overall, I could not be happier with the product.



Sam Gottwald

Richmond, VA



Last day of the season I was hunting out of the Mallard gear layout blind! I was in a fully flooded rice field floating no problem! All these birds finished at 15 yards!! Check them out!


Carlos Ortiz

Live Oak, California



I have been using the Ultimate Blind Covers for over 4 years now and they still work as they did the first season. They are lightweight but very sturdy and won't rust. The ability to adjust the angle and hold that position is awesome.


John Faires
DU Officer

Livermore, CA



"I used the Mallard Gear Blind Covers on my rice check blind for the 2012-2013 California waterfowl season. The covers were lightweight, easy to manipulate and did not get in the way of any "ups" whatsoever. I am particularly impressed with them after weaving surrounding natural cover into them and then positioning at the same angle as the cover on the rice check.


We also dovetailed the covers with the natural cover on the check by staggering them to either side of the blind. As the season progressed and the natural cover was knocked down by the wind and rain, we were able to change the angle of the covers to make them blend in with the surroundings. The covers basically allowed us to eliminate the problem of standing out on a rice check in a simple and adaptable manner."


Erik Z.
Santa Cruz, CA

"Last fall I used the Mallard Gear's Ultimate Blind Covers last fall in our rice blind and they worked great. I could adjust the Blind Cover to any angle I liked. I was really impressed with how smoothly they moved. No tention nuts to fool with, just smooth movement every time, wet or dry. They are lightweight so transportation was easy and surprisingly strong. I slipped and fell on a Blind Cover a couple of times last season, with no damage whatsoever. You can't fake quality."


Duane S.
Bay Area, CA





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